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Unleash Your Creativity with DeliaWeb's Intuitive Interface and Create Customized Web Applications

DeliaWeb sets itself apart by offering a seamless end-to-end solution for web application development. From creating user-friendly interfaces to managing data and generating code, DeliaWeb provides all the tools you need in one platform. By choosing DeliaWeb, you eliminate the need for multiple tools, saving you time, effort, and integration headaches.


  • Automatic scaffolding CRUD Operations: creation of the context and entity classes in Entity Framework– creation of CRUD pages to view and update your data.

  • Automatic generation of navigation menu: the menu is customizable and supports 1 or 2 levels.

  • Full customisation of datatables: columns selection, appearance, toolbar, navigation and row actions.

  • Search customization: Selection of database columns, including those of linked tables

  • Filters customization: Selection of database columns, including those of linked tables – operators adapted to the type of criterion (text field, numeric, date or list of values)

  • Datatable printing: supported via automatic generation of scripts in pages

  • Forms and forms views: automatic generation of forms with 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns - Setting properties common to all form fields.

  • Full customisation of controls: appearance and data validation

  • Master-details relationship: supports multi-level master-details relationship - detail views feeded automatically by using Ajax Calls.

  • Responsive web application: the applications made by DeliaWeb have a user- friendly interface and adapt to all screen sizes

  • Layouts pages: several pre-formatted layouts are offered and can be associated with pages.

  • Visual theme: several basic Skins are offered, and it is possible to modify the css to obtain your own visual.

Page editor

  • Uses Bootstrap grid system: Bootstrap is a flexible and powerful front-end framework that makes front-end web development faster and easier for responsive projects.

  • Very easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor and intuitive user interfaces: easily arrange, rearrange, and organize your content.

  • Intuitive visual interfaces: what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG).

  • Page preview: view the page in the default browser.

  • Moving elements: move row, container, control or component any where on the page.

  • Resizing controls: drag markers for controls to resize. 

  • Custom HTML: Add custom code anyway on the page.

  • Availability of a set of static controls: such as TextBloc, Image, Icon and Card.

  • Availability of a set of dynamic controls: such as TextBox, DatePicker, CheckBox, TextArea, ColumnView, ImageView and EditImageView.

  • Availability of composite control: allow to create widgets including static or dynamic controls.

  • Icons library: DeliaWeb editor integrates Bootstrap's icon library with more than 780 icons

Generating code

  • Well-structured and formatted code: code easy to understand and maintain thus reducing maintenance costs.

  • Code based on MVC architecture: automatic generation of classes for models, views, controllers and viewmodels.

  • IDE compatibility: allows developers to continue using their favorite IDE to make changes to code.

  • Generation and integration of javascript code in the pages: includes all code needed for search, filter and print functions.

  • Uses only standard libraires: no additional libraries outside of .Net, Bootstrap and JQuery are needed.

  • Using Ajax calls: datatables and partial views are fed via javascript code and ajax calls.

  • The generated code is in C# language

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